California School Nurse Credentialing Programs

ommission on Teacher Credentialing

School Nurse Services Credential

California Education Code
Section 49426 and Title 5
California Code of Regulations
Section 80050

Holders of the preliminary and professional clear School Nurse Services Credential shall be authorized to perform the following services:
  • Conduct immunization programs pursuant to California Education Code
  • Assess and evaluate the health and developmental status of pupils
  • Interpret the health and developmental assessment to parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals directly concerned with the pupil
  • Design and implement individual student health maintenance plans, incorporating plans directed by a physician
  • Refer the pupil and parent or guardian to appropriate community resources for necessary services
  • Maintain communication with parents and all involved community practitioners and agencies to promote needed treatment and secure reports of findings pertinent to educational planning
  • Interpret medical and nursing findings appropriate to the student's individualized education program and make recommendations to professional personnel directly involved
  • Consult with, conduct in-service training for, and serve as a resource person to teachers and administrators
  • Develop and implement the health education curriculum
  • Act as a participant in implementing a comprehensive health instruction curriculum for students
  • Counsel and assist pupils and parents in health-related and school adjustment services
  • Teach health-related subjects under the supervision of a classroom teacher
Requirements For The Preliminary Credential
Applicants may apply directly to the Commission if they satisfy both of the following requirements:
  • Verify possession of a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally-accredited college or university
  • Verify possession of a valid Registered Nurse license issued by the State of California (If you do not hold the license, contact the Board of Registered Nurses, 400 R Street, Suite 4030 , Sacramento , CA 95814 , (916) 322-3350).
Requirements For The Professional Clear Credential
Applicants must apply through a California college or university with an accredited school nurse program and must satisfy all of the following requirements:
  • Hold a preliminary School Nurse Services Credential
  • Complete two years of successful experience as a school nurse (If the preliminary School Nurse Credential was issued on or before July 1, 1981, this experience is not required.)
  • Complete an approved school nurse program (The application must include the formal recommendation of the college or university where the program was completed.)
Term Of The Credential
The preliminary School Nurse Services Credential is issued for five calendar years and is not renewable. The professional clear credential is issued for five calendar years and may be renewed.

Special Teaching Authorization In Health (STAH)
 The Special Teaching Authorization in Health authorizes the holder to teach health classes in preschool, kindergarten, grades 1-12 inclusive, and classes organized primarily for adults.
Requirements for the Special Teaching Authorization in Health (STAH)
  • Hold a valid California credential that authorizes service as a school nurse
  • Hold a valid California registered nurse license
  • Pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)
  • Complete a professional preparation program for the Special Teaching Authorization
  • Obtain the recommendation of the California college or university where the program was completed