CSNO President's Message
Pamela Kahn, MPH, RN

July, 2020
“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
Hans Christian Anderson
Happy Summer! Here’s hoping that yours has included all three of Anderson’s recommendations.
I am going to plunge right in to the business at hand, introducing myself as the newest President of CSNO!  My name is Pamela Kahn, and I have been a credentialed school nurse for over 25 years. I currently work as the Coordinator of Health and Wellness for the Orange County Department of Education, and have served on the CSNO State Board in various capacities over the years.  I am very grateful for the trust that you have shown in me by allowing me the opportunity to serve as your CSNO president for the next two years.  I would especially like to thanks Kathy Ryan and Sheri Coburn, who have served in this capacity for the last few years for their stewardship of our organization.  Under their leadership, there have been tremendous changes in our membership numbers, our professional development products, and our communications; the organization has thrived under their guidance.
We now have over 1,400 members in CSNO, and have six regional sections: Bay Coast, Central Valley, Northern, San Diego/Imperial, Southern, and our newly added Central Coast.  We finished the fiscal year of 2018-19 with a net income of $81,845.94, an increase of $12,227 from the 2017-18 year.  Most of this money has come from our membership fees as well as our annual conference.  The income has allowed us to create more professional products/trainings, fund our CSNO lobbyist in Sacramento, and work with a consultant to create our 2020-2024 strategic plan.
CSNO is supporting  AB258, which would channel monies from marijuana sales in CA to fund pupil support personnel (i.e. school nurses), as well as AB1322, which would fund an Office of School Based Health at the CDE.  Towards that goal, three of our members served on the Supt. Tony Thurmond’s SSPI Health & Safety Transition team to prioritize CDE policy direction.  CSNO continues to serve on the Advisory Work group that guides LEA Medi-Cal policy, and supports the State Plan Amendment 015-021 implementation to allow for expansion of reimbursed health services.
Through our ongoing strategic planning efforts, CSNO will continue its growth momentum by emphasizing our value to members, expanding our organizational outreach and relationships, our member communication and engagement and CSNO organizational development and sustainability. 
In advance, I would like to thank Sheri Coburn, the current Past-President for very graciously agreeing to remain involved in the CSNO projects and planning that she has begun, and to continue to be a visible and important leader and contributor to the work of CSNO.  This will be a very busy Fall for me….I have two grandsons due six weeks apart and will also be having two knee replacements in the near future.  I am particularly pleased to know that Sheri will be able to be at the helm during these times when my energies will be needed elsewhere.
CSNO is made up of men and women with unique and special combinations of talent, knowledge, effort, abilities, dedication and devotion.  It is through your support that CSNO continues to grow and flourish. 

Pamela Kahn, MPH, CSNO President