CSNO Strategic Framework and Plan: 2020-2024

CSNO Vision Statement

The California School Nurses Organization is recognized and respected as the voice and standard for the practice of school nursing and the essential, collaborative role of the profession in achieving positive student outcomes.

CSNO Mission Statement

The mission of California School Nurses Organization, the leading force for excellence in school health services, is to ensure that school nurses optimize student health and enhance learning through a network distinguished by:
  • Facilitating grassroots efforts within regional sections;
  • Developing and providing professional learning opportunity;
  • Fostering the development of leaders;
  • Conducting research and using evidence based practice;
  • Providing standards of care;
  • Advocating for school health services.

 CSNO Long-term Goals

 Value to Members

  • To be the school nurse’s preferred source for professional learning and practice resources and tools required to excel in delivery of school health services in a changing environment.
  • To be the robust, career-long platform for members to network, collaborate, find support and develop as leaders.
  • To provide access to the value of membership whenever, wherever and however members want to learn, find information and collaborate.

 Organizational Outreach and Relationships

  • To be viewed as the leading voice and standard setter for the practice of school nursing in California and the continued development of the specialty as a rewarding career in health care.
  • To be an essential partner to educational, medical and community organizations and elected officials in supporting student health and positive learning outcomes.
  • To leverage the influence, experience and expertise of all credentialed school nurses in California, from new to retired.

Member Communication and Engagement

To be the source for timely, relevant information and engagement opportunities for members and Organization leaders at all levels.

CSNO Organizational Development and Sustainability

To be a strong, efficient and sustainable organization with active, engaged members, committed volunteers and leaders, and the staff, financial and infrastructure resources needed to fulfill the Organization’s goals and priorities.

CSNO Operating Values


External Core Operating Values

Lifelong Learning

We believe that continuous learning is critical for professional growth and development as an effective leader.  As school nurses, we have a responsibility to model and promote lifelong learning for the students in our care.

Impact of Health on Learning

We believe that a child’s physical, social/emotional and environmental health impact the ability to learn. As school nurses, we are in the best position to positively impact a student’s health.

Access to Quality Care

We believe that every student should have access to quality care delivered by an experienced healthcare provider and allied health professionals.

Right to Education

We believe that education and support for every student to achieve their individual potential is a fundamental right.


We believe that every person has inherent value and deserves to be treated with respect.

Value of School Nurses

We believe that the interventions of the school nurse are vital to eliminating barriers to student learning and improving overall school health.

We believe that every school should have access to a credentialed school nurse and the services they provide.


We believe that school nurses are leaders in their role as health expert and child advocate in school and in the community.


 We believe that we are stronger and more influential when we work with others to support the development of the whole child.


We believe that diversity, in both the students we serve and in the school nurses that serve them, enriches the school environment and that as school nurses we must continually strive to become more culturally competent.



Internal Core Operating Values

Members First

We believe our first priority is to serve our members and support their success in providing quality care to students, families and the community.

The Power of Association

We believe that by leveraging the collective talents, experience and ideas of all school nurses through the Organization, we can advance the profession.


We believe that we become enlightened when we are open to diverse perspectives through respectful discourse, and that this will, in the end, lead to better outcomes.


We believe we have a responsibility as stewards of our members’ time and resources to operate the Organization according to its mission and values and the principles of sound business management.


We strive to stay abreast of the changing needs of the profession and to meet members’ expectations for new ways to learn, network and stay informed.


We strive for open, honest, two-way communication with members where all feel they have a voice in the decision-making process.


2020-2024 CSNO Strategic Plan


Issue:  Professional Development

Objective: Deliver timely, relevant educational content through multiple modalities.

2024 Milestones  

By 2024...

CSNO will be delivering learning opportunities in multiple modalities, including online learning.

  • A system is in place to regularly assess member needs and determine timely topics for education programming.

Issue:  **Standards, Resources, Tools and Information

Objective: Provide complete, accessible practice standards, tools and resources when members need them.

2024 Milestones

By 2024...

All CSNO position statements, standards, resources and tools will be current and complete.

  • A process is in place to monitor impending legislation/regulation and pro-actively develop needed tool kits and resources for members.

Issue:  **Developing Members as Leaders

Objective: Build the skills and confidence of school nurses as leaders in their school setting and beyond.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

  • A school nurse program manager and leadership academy will be in place.
  • Online opportunities for learning in leadership competencies will be available to members.

Issue:  **Member Networking and Collaboration/Sense of Community

Objective: Facilitate member-to-member sharing, support and collaboration.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

  • Members will have access to a networking platform where they can share their experiences, ideas, issues and solutions.
  • CSNO will operate a mentoring program for members.


Issue:  Advocacy and Influence

Objective: Ensure that the school nurse perspective and expertise is considered in decisions at all levels regarding school health policy and delivery of health services.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

  • CSNO is recognized as an essential stakeholder in discussions related to policy development and delivery of health services in schools at the local, regional and state levels.
  • An online training module will be developed and promoted for use by administrators and other partners on professional school nursing to support student learning and better understanding of legal requirements.

Issue:  **CSNO Branding/Public Relations

Objective: Position CSNO consistently in the minds of stakeholders as an essential partner in delivery of essential child health care services.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

  • Administrators and medical professionals seek out CSNO for health delivery resources.
  • Clear, consistent messages are delivered about the purpose and influence of CSNO as part of an intentional public relations strategy.

Issue:  **Member Recruitment, Retention and Engagement

Objective: Build the CSNO membership base to fully represent and engage the school nurse profession.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

  • Membership in CSNO will reach 2500.
  • CSNO benefits and services will be targeted to school nurse career stages.

Issue:  **Collaboration and Partnerships  

Objective: Establish ongoing, productive relationships with essential stakeholders in the care and development of the healthy child.

[Note: work in this area will need to coordinate closely with work under ‘Advocacy and Influence’]

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

CSNO will have productive partnerships in place with key stakeholders involved in student health throughout California.

Issue:  Specialty/Career Development and Promotion

Objective: Position the profession of school nursing as a rewarding career and school nurses as an critical provider of health care services.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

  • Materials are available for those seeking information about school nursing as a profession and for use by CSNO members making presentations about school nursing as a career.


Issue:  **Member Communication

Objective: Diversify methods of communication to better target distinct member needs and preferences.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

CSNO will communicate with members through multiple communication vehicles.

  • A robust social media strategy will be in place.

Issue:  CSNO Volunteer and Leadership Development

Objective: Grow the base of engaged members contributing their time and talent to CSNO and developing into future leaders for the Organization.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

  • A full ballot of candidates will stand for election each year.
  • Volunteers will have a range of ways to contribute their time and talent that are convenient and meaningful.


Issue:  **Capacity Building (combined with Use of Technology issue)

Objective: Evaluate and develop the human, financial and infrastructure resources required to achieve the goals and priorities in the CSNO strategic plan.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

  • A statewide database will be operational, capturing population and service data.
  • CSNO will have the technology infrastructure in place to better communicate, educate, engage members and deliver services.
  • CSNO will be a financially viable organization with diverse, stable revenue streams.
  • CSNO have the personnel required to support accomplishment of its goals and priorities.

Issue: Section, Committee, Specialty Practice Group Support

Objective: Provide the focus, direction, training and resources Sections, Committees and Specialty Practice Group leaders need to succeed.

2024 Milestones

By 2024...

  • CSNO Sections, Committees and Specialty Practice Groups will have clear roles, charges and operating guidelines.
  • CSNO leaders will receive the orientation, training and mentorship they need to successfully lead their groups and fulfill their charge for the year.

Issue:  Organizational Structure

Objective: Evaluate and adjust as needed the CSNO structure to more efficiently support fulfillment of goals and priorities.

2024 Milestones

By 2024…

  • CSNO structure will be mission driven.

Last updated 8/17/2020